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Honorable Chairman Matoshri Edu. Society

My Dear Parent’s,
Like you I am also a father of a son and a daughter and have some dreams for them. I however, know how difficult it is to bring these dreams to facts. The social, economic, political and international situation is quite turbulent and everything is under tremendous pressure of transformation. Values and ethics are threatened like never before. In such a situation only one thing can provide capability and courage to withstand. That is education. Unfortunately this has also become quite costlier. And, after securing admission it is not certain how the student would perform in examinations and in real life. I have a strong belief that education for the purpose of just acquiring a degree is an incomplete exercise. Education must be knowledge based and at the same time should be value based. It is just not enough to learn some subjects for examination, but it is equally, rather more important to acquire value for life. When our children enter College life, they are in a different environment. Their horizons get broadened. They start gathering strength in their wings. A sort of free air is available to them. Their parental check loses its grip. Therefore, this the period which puts children on a cross road. If they are perfectly directed they attain unbelievable heights, but if the guidance is missed… We at Matoshri Institute of Technology College realize this situation. Rather the very inception of this College is out of a strong desire to groom the students from all the sides so that when they step out of the College, they not only take with them a degree, but they are well equipped with great values useful for the entire life. We have created an environment where students would like to learn. We provide an atmosphere where the things spring out of the students. It is the self generation process, while we act as a catalyst. Therefore, when it comes to time management, behavior, study and discipline we are less tolerant. We hold this authority, since every staff-teaching and non teaching – does observe these things. Commitment, devotion, discipline, and perseverance all these things which are there in the students come out freely in this environment. It is quite conducive for such a process. Therefore, within a short span of time the College has gained a reputation that here only the excellence is chased. The atmosphere is like a Gurukul system. It is safer, insulated from the present day evils. Every student is taken care of as if he is a potential Noble Laureate. You have a dream to see your son or daughter attains greater heights in life. Here is the source that can lead him to a better, brighter, promising future. We are eager to welcome those, who have the dreams.


Chairman, Matoshri Edu. Society.
MLC From Nashik Teacher Constituency.